Monday, September 25, 2023

On the Boards, Acrobats

 Unexpected! Together, the two boards work better than either one alone. They weren't intended as a diptych, but then, Em and I have never discussed any intentions, or even talked about the process of our collaboration. (Em doesn't stand still long enough for a conversation.) 

The boards go back to Em to work on again now... Or later, probably--I'm enjoying looking at them so much. I'm curious to see them with the third board (at Em's). Three ring circus?

 The acrobats are my favorite. Now with strawberry shortcake hats (the mother and daughter).


Linda Sue said...

These boards are genius, so delightfully good! I would not encourage altering them, but I guess that defeats purpose?

Fresca said...

Thanks, Linda Sue --- I like them as they are too-- I might suggest to E that we could start new ones and leave these as they are, unless she's inspired to add to them. (No need to change for change's sake alone.)

Fresca said...

PS Having said that, there's always lots of tinkering to be done, like how I added strawberry hats-- those came to me after living with that board for a couple weeks.