Saturday, May 21, 2022

Dolls of the World

(Laptop on the blink again.)

Donation from someone's large, vintage collection of dolls of the world.

Many have no markings-- some here have tags, Made in Italy, Portugal;
doll with painted wood face from Russia, USSR; next-to-last doll with her painted vest, from Romania; final two from Poland.
I don't know where the Black doll is from--his handwritten tag said, "Handformed clay, 1930s, $45".

 I spent most of my 5-hour shift yesterday pricing and photographing dolls. I priced them high for the thrift store, low for Etsy-- $3 to $15 (the Black clay doll). I love them all but don't want to take any of them home, or much of anything else either. I see two reactions to working in thrift-- buying tons of stuff and buying almost nothing. I do like having a camera again though, to catch details.


Linda Sue said...

They are all splendid especially the black doll! I am not sure I understand how you can resist, check with the "girlettes" they will talk you into more adoptions!

Anonymous said...

The dolls are so lovely! I have quite a few that resemble the ones you have posted.

And it can be so hard to resist the siren call of the dolls!


Anonymous said...

ps I meant to add resisting the siren call of these dolls. I have no problem resisting the siren call of the modern dolls. Ugh - no personality and most likely all plastic.


Fresca said...

Linda Sue: Ha-ha, yes, the girlettes say, Bring them all home!

Kirsten: true, modern dolls rarely catch me--- though the Madelines are from only 20 years ago...