Friday, July 30, 2021

Books! for George Floyd Community Library

Thanks, friends who gave books for the community library at George Floyd Square! (Photo above--that's my bike parked outside,
in front of the garden of rescue plants to the right).

Can always use more books:
I'll continue to add to the library through August.
(What happens after that is unknown. The library is mobile--like a garden shed on wheels--so hopefully it will live somewhere, even if the square can no longer host it.)

Here are some of the books I've already added---many I bought (on my store credit) from books donated to my thrift store:

All of Minnesota is currently under a haze of smoke from Canadian wildfires. There's an Air Quality Alert in place until this afternoon.
(Jay-soos....What next???
I'm expecting frogs to fall from the sky any day now.)

When it lifts, I'll go to the library and add these books--what a great haul!

Biking with books in my bike basket toward the library from the north.
"You Are Now Entering the Free State of George Floyd"
List of demands [PDF] on the street:


Michael Leddy said...

That’s quite a free library.

River said...

That's a very well stocked little library.

Joanne Noragon said...

Growing on it's own. Best of fortune.

Linda Sue said...

This is so fabulous!! I love what has been done here. AND I love your bike basket!