Monday, July 26, 2021

Next Bear Up

 The childhood Bear of the friend whose house I’m sitting. 

The water turned brown: 


Steve Reed said...

That bear must be happy for a bath! I don't even have my childhood bear anymore.

gz said...

Eyes nose and mouth above water of course!
Looking forward to seeing the revived bear

Linda Sue said...

bear is a darling! so grateful and feeling loved

River said...

I bet he enjoyed that bath. I stuff my monkeys in pillowcases and put them in the washing machine on a cool temperature and minimal soap powder. Then they hang on the line outside in a hammock made by hanging a net curtain between two lines.

Fresca said...

Hi, all! Thanks for your comments---Bear seems happy after the bath!
(River, the fabric was too fragile for even the gentle cycle of the machine--but the pillowcase is a smart idea.)

The challenge will be mending the ripped crotch area without drawing attention to it.