Friday, August 3, 2018

Covers of Favorite Books: What do we carry?

I want to save my posts about Favorite Books from Facebook.
The original invitation is to post the covers of your favorite books, with no accompanying writing. I don't see much point in that--except to get more people to play, since writing a mini-review would be offputting to a lot of people.

But some do write about their books, and I decided to, too.

This, copy-and-pasted from FB, is my first---
not because it's my top favorite book, but because ....

I unpacked this copy of The Things They Carried at work yesterday.

It inspired me to jump on the "Post the Covers of Your Favorite Books" game on Facebook. 

So, here is 1/10.

(Hm. The Red Hair Girls photobombed my photo... )

Below: Author Tim O'Brien in Vietnam

Vietnam is the war of my childhood, as WWII was for my parents, and I read about it to try to get behind the wallpaper. 

O'Brien is great for that--but also his question, 
applies to life every which way.

Walking the 500-mile pilgrim route across Spain, I was curious about what other pilgrims were willing to carry. A bottle of apricot body scrub stands out. Also, donuts & Dante... 

Me? On day 3 I jettisoned EVERY extraneous scrap--even one (1) piece of paper with train times. 

After the trip I wrote, "You can have what you want, but you have to carry it."

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