Sunday, May 6, 2018

Restoration of Tulip the Bear, the Conclusion: Tulip Blooms

Today I stitched claws on Tulip the Bear, following slight remnants of the original ones. I sewed a new nose and mouth too––the originals had largely come undone during washing (a vigorous bath being a sine qua non of this bear's continued existence). 

Penny Cooper, who was once thought to be afraid of bears, stayed with Tulip throughout.

All done. 
And then---outside into the beautiful spring day for AFTER photos. 
I'm glad I'd taken some BEFORE photos when the bear arrived (though they don't convey how unpleasant the bear was to smell and touch).

And this concludes the Report on the Restoration of Tulip the Bear. 
The story starts here: Part I,  and continues here: Part II.


Anonymous said...

What a happy happy bear in the after photos! I think Tulip is so very happy to be restored to a almost new look.

Even Penny Cooper seems to be happy with Tulip's new look!


deanna said...

I'm with Kirsten; this bear has had entered into a wonderful new season. Thanks for chronicling Tulip's restoration!

Fresca said...

KIRSTEN & DEANNA: Hi! Thanks for your happiness on behalf of the Very Happy Tulip!
Penny Cooper, Friend of Bears, is indeed very happy too.

And so am I! It's a relief that Tulip came through the restoration process better than she went in---I wasn't sure she wouldn't fall apart...