Monday, May 7, 2018

Dr. McCoy in Blue Panties Gets a Hand Up From an Octopus

Having become interested in the poseability of toys, I've been looking at articulated dolls and action figures at StVDP every time I volunteer. Today I kept being drawn to one in particular in a $2 grab-bag of figures. 

Naw, I thought, I don't want a random action figure.

I kept looking at him every time I was on the sales floor.
He was muscle-bound and wearing skimpy blue panties. Was he a wrestler? But his boots. They looked like . . . Star Trek boots. 

Looking closer at his face, I finally recognized him: Dr. McCoy! 
I plucked him from the bag and paid a dollar.

Stamped on his back is "1974, Paramount". I looked him up when I got home: he's one of a line of 8-inch, Star Trek action figures by Mego Corp

The doll's body is too buff for Bones, but it's a pretty good facial resemblance--the raised right eyebrow is a good touch. 
Now I need to make him a Starfleet uniform.

Spending a long time in the thrift store makes you thirsty.


Marz said...

That's a very good likeness! And it's from the year of sacred loony disillusionment. Love seeing McCoy liberated like this. I think he will be passionately interested in giving care to the many species at the treehouse.

Looked at that make of Kirk --- no good, as usual. Saw on ebay a charming Spock though --- missing an arm and a leg, and part of his nose. Quite dirty. Somehow really precious and appealing. Should I get it for 3.99?

Fresca said...

Oh,Marz, if you get the broken Spock, McCoy could tend to him:
He can almost cure a rainy day!

I looked at the Kirk and thought the same thing---they never get him right. This Bones is really good--even though it took me a while to recognize him almost nude and out of context, I still could.

Heh, I didn't even think about the year:
Dr. McCoy and the Very Bad, Miserable, Horrible Year.

Anonymous said...

And why the blue underwear??? Totally agree the face is quite good. Many of the dolls based on public figures never translate well.

As an undergraduate many years before the internet existed, our student union had a tv in one corner. At 4 pm students would gather to watch Star Trek in re-runs. We used to compete to see who could name the episode in the least time.

Then years later, a co-worker and I sat down and wrote down all of the titles or subjects of all of the episodes.


Fresca said...

Does he have blue undies to match his blue Science Dept. shirt?
If so, the Kirk doll should have gold underwear... :)

That sounds fun---watching Star Trek in the Student union!
I watched it at home on the black and white TV in the 1970s--definitely a highlight of my high school years.

ArtSparker said...

M & F , William Shatner has teeny tiny facial features - take it from someone who has done him in caricature form some years back - he's really hard to get right! Just saying .

Frex said...

SPARKER! Thanks for the insight!
I noticed that making my protest posters:
depicting Spock for the Science March was a breeze,
but Kirk for the March for Our Lives was hard--I relied on people recognizing his uniform!
(I never tried to draw DeForest Kelley.)

Frex said...

P.S. Frex is Fresca