Saturday, April 21, 2018

Penny Cooper's Day Out

You may remember, Penny Cooper was in a small gray room before she came here. I think she's told Red Hair Girl about her past, but I don't know it. Whatever it is, she's rebounding well. 
(That's an assumption on my part, that she even needs to rebound. Possibly her past was nothing bad at all. At any rate, she seems happy now.)

Yesterday the dolls went to the Community Garden to ride their new vehicles [99¢ each at SVDP] in the springtime weather.

RHG has a monster truck. Penny Cooper, a patrol motorcycle.
"Nice toys," a guy passing by said.

The truck flew down the muddy track. [I don't do product placement, but I've gotta hand it to Hot Wheels--the design of this truck is superb.]
But the motorcycle wouldn't roll.

The motorcycle drove well on some rocks. Julia happened to come walking by––just in time to take pictures. 
Penny Cooper Triumphant
Everything is temporary.

We joined Julia on her walk down the Greenway, which follows an old rail line between the Mississippi River and Bde Maka Ska ["White Earth Lake" in Dakota, the restored name of the lake formerly known as Calhoun]. 

Here, Julia's photographing the peeling paint under a bridge. [On Julia's IG––click on the almost invisible arrow on the photos to see the series.]
Penny Cooper'd found a scrap of bandana and tied it round her neck. 

 Down to the railroad tracks along Hiawatha Ave.

RHG let Penny Cooper ride the monster truck at a sandpit.  
Julia helped.

We ended up at Urban Forager, a place that serves cider and wine they make from local fruits and plants they harvest and ferment themselves. I had maple and oak apple cider (6.5% alcohol). 
The dolls were sound asleep, mud-smudged, in my bag.


Michael Leddy said...

Big day out! And you photograph them in ways that really bring them to life. I esp. like the railroad tracks photo.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Michael!
I love that rr track photo myself.

I'm a little surprised that the dolls do photograph so well--I really wouldn't have expected it. And I'm having a lot of fun with them. :0

deanna said...

RHG and Penny Cooper do look happy together. And wow, seeing snow remnants reminds me that spring arrives at its own pace in different places! Glad you all had a nice day out.

Fresca said...

DEANNA: Spring is late, even for MN. Today (April 21) temps hit 70º, but there are still pockets of unmelted snow hiding out in the shadows!