Friday, April 20, 2018

The Springtime Bear-Repair Opener

"I'm up here, unstuffing animals," I called from my sunny, second-story porch to my downstairs neighbor standing in the snowy backyard.

She looked up at me with alarm.

"Oh. . . ," she said, light dawning, "you mean stuffed animals!" 

Yes, stuffed animals. I'm not up here trapping squirrels.

It's finally warming up above freezing (49ºF/ 9ºC right now!), and I've started unstuffing and bathing toys that have been waiting for months. Bear repair is dusty, and a sloppy, wet mess: I don't much like to do it inside in the winter.

Happy dance!

This dirty, homemade, wool bear ^ came from a farm auction, $6 on eBay. I got the old suitcase for $1.99 from SVDP.


The Crow said...

What is it made of, and does it have a name yet?

Fresca said...

The bear is made of wool cloth,
and was stuffed with shaved wood (like straw + sawdust).
Now drying in the sun on the back porch.

No name yet. Ideas???

The Crow said...

Woody? Woolsey?

The Crow said...

How about Frances/Francis? Something rather frank about its stance.

How are the girls getting along? I've begun looking for the next chapter or paragraph or photo.

Fresca said...

Thanks for the name ideas, Crow. She does seem like a Frances---a sort of old-fashioned name.

Since you asked, this morning I posted a report on the girls. They are getting along like a house on fire. Funny saying, eh? But they are burning it up, having fun!