Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Office Supplies in Starsky & Hutch

Mortmere sent me another example of a '70s coffee mug in Starsky & Hutch, with a side serving of a whole lot of office supplies. 
Smoking on film used to be sexy; I think handling those old phones sometimes was too (in a way mobile phones aren't, not that I've noticed).

I can tangibly remember so many of these things:
the slidey-noise of opening a file cabinet;
how it felt, dialing or punching a number into a phone (sometimes, on dial phones, if you were agitated you dialed so hard, the edge of the circle hurt your finger--not that it made the dial turn any faster);
how awkward it is to turn the calendar page over the ring-hoop; 
the feel of wood pencil in your teeth (sometimes the yellow paint chipped off, if you bit it hard).


deanna said...

My son asked if I could spare some file folders. A group is using them to save seeds in. I gladly complied.

I relate to everything you mentioned the olden ways.

Fresca said...

DEANNA: Those memories are a thing of the past, eh?
Makes me think about what our ancestors remembered in their bodies. Like the feel of a plough in the ground, or the sound of a streetcar....