Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Bear After Dentist

I feel beat up, but Big Bear is entirely fine, even though  I squeezed him really hard during the TWO AND A HALF hours we were at the dentist this morning. (He is the most equanimous of all the bears.)

I was there so long, the novocaine wore off. So, I can chew, but I've still ordered soothing pancakes, here at BW.

The dentist said my four cavities were "normal", but the work sure didn't feel normal––not having gotten a filling for years (partly because I haven't been to the dentist for six), I felt as if my mouth were undergoing major road repairs. Soooo much drilling.

I asked the dentist if other adults bring stuffed animals with them.

"Oh, people bring all sorts of things," she said. "Blankets, things to hold onto... It's nothing to be embarrassed of."

I can recognize an evasion. "No, no, I'm not embarrassed," I said. "I'm just wondering if you've met any other bears?"

"Well, no," she said.


gz said...

A bear hug is just the ticket at such times

deanna said...

Glad you made it, thanks to Big Bear. (I've been trying to floss some lately. Eating asparagus has helped me remember.)

Fresca said...

DEANNA: Asparagus? That made me laugh!