Saturday, March 24, 2018

#March for Our Lives MN

Some 20,000 protestors turned out in 30ºF / -1ºC temps 
for a march and rally at the St Paul, MN, Capitol. 

ABOVE: Lucinda, left--her sign was a huge hit: people kept stopping her to photograph it and to talk about dogs. Or, here, cats.
ABOVE: I like how posters talk to one another. Me, w/ my Captain Kirk sign. (I never did fix his hand.) No surprise, he was nowhere near as popular as my Spock sign at the Science March last year.
 ABOVE: My friend Lisa N.---her sign is based on the mosaic at the Central Park memorial to John Lennon
 ABOVE: That's a 3D lawn dart. (They're outlawed as too dangerous.) This protestor used to be a grade-school art teacher.
 ABOVE: My favorite---this guy had his son's bunny in his pocket, behind his KIDS NOT GUNS button. He seemed happy to pose with Squash the Squirrel.
 ABOVE: Pink bunny mittens
ABOVE:  There were quite a few hunters and the like who support gun control, such as this guy handing out stickers that read "Protect Students, Not Guns"

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