Saturday, March 24, 2018

Squirrels to the Front!

Squash and I are heading out to the March for Our Lives rally (kids march, adults join at the end), Squash newly decked out with a waistcoat and new tail---the material of the old tail was just too gross. Also a springtime haircut (the old long & fuzzy material felt icky to the touch).

I ended up using different material too--I think that lying on the road, covered in grime, made Squash prefer bright colors and light-reflecting beads and buttons (glass beads on hem of waistcoat).


The Crow said...

Love the new tail and the beads are perfect! The waistcoat goes so nicely with Squash's color, as well.

Best wishes for the rally. It gives me hope for the future to see so many young people involved and taking the lead. Good for them!

gz said...

Smart Squirrel!

Hope the rally is good...and that people listen...and act

Fresca said...

Thanks, Crow & GZ,
The energy at the rally was great!