Friday, February 23, 2018

Holey Bear!

Holey Bear Repair: polka dots on one side,
flat ribbon rose on the other ( on black doesn't photograph well).


Bink said...

Love the polka dots! So cute!

Bink said...

Did you know someone who collects teddy bears is called an arctophile? Not to be confused with an arenophile who collects sand samples, or a tegestologist who collects beer coasters, or a rabdophilist who collects walking sticks. Obviously I came across a list of what various collectors are called. Who knew? I bet most collectors don’t even know there are names people with their collections.

Bink said...

names for...per missing word in above comment.

Fresca said...

BINK: I'm glad you like the polka dots---they are cute and functional too--they patch real holes or wear-spots.

Arctophile--I did not know that!
I looked it up and even though it's for TEDDY bears, the word itself just means lover of bears--
"from Greek, combining form of arktós bear + phile".

Amazing, all the things people collect.