Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Birthday Party Review

We've entered Pisces, my birthday season. I think it's fascinating to watch a person change over time (me, here, obviously):
I spent the morning gathering photos from past birthday parties, from years when I've had them. Since I didn't always--or don't have photos of them––I borrowed a few from other people, or other events.

^ 1964: Sister's 5th birthday, I am 3 years old, Whitewater, WI

^ 1987: Me, 26, with Lucinda (center) at her 30th birthday party,
our place, Chicago, IL (Lourdene on right)

^ 1995:
John's 44th birthday w/ Lucinda (center) at our place, Mpls: I'm 34

^ 1996: 35 years old, my graduation party (BA in Religious Studies)

^1999: My 38th Birthday Party (at bink's), w/ Kate W., John, Denise P.

^2000: 39th birthday--a weird 70ºF March day in Minneapolis--(Loring Park)
L to R: John, Ken, Richard, Kate G., Maura, Lucinda, Denise, Art, me

^ 2001: 40th Birthday and Adieu-to-MCAD-Library Party
Kay, Eva, me, Allan

^ 2005: Me (left), almost 44, on my father's 74th birthday, w/ sister

^ 2009: 48th birthday party (Spock pin from David B)

^ 2010: 49th birthday party (Jackson's Gelato)--mittens knit by Poodletail

^ 2011: 50th birthday party, Sputnik ball of potato chips from Michael & Alex

2012^ Christmas (housesitting Joanna's): Marz, bink, Maura, me (almost 52) 

^ 2015: My 54th birthday at work, Activities in Memory Care

^ 2016: 55th birthday: registering at the Wikipedia Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon, MPLS Library

^ 2017: 56th birthday, me, Annette, Kyle, Esther (cake by Laura)


Bink said...

What a fabulous and fun collection of photos! I would have to say you are as delightful as these photos show and I am very happy to have celebrated so many birthdays with you. I hope we can squeeze in a zillion more parties in the coming years! Happy birthday season!

Fresca said...

Thanks, bink, I've put you on my guest list for the next (let's do the math...) um, let's say 40 years!