Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hutch's New Coffee Mug

I asked my Starsky & Hutch informant, Mortmere, if there are any bright 1960s coffee mugs in the show (like the ones I'd listed on eBay). 

She said no, while the show's sets do include lots of older stuff, they seem to have skipped the '60's' pop colors--the ones that saturate Star Trek.

Which makes sense--Starsky & Hutch ran from 1975 to 1979--some of the United States's least optimistic years, post OPEC oil embargo, Watergate, and defeat in Vietnam, and heading toward the Iran hostage crisis. 

Mortmere sent me a screencap of Hutch drinking out of a 1970s stoneware mug with the usual muted colors. (I have a couple of these.)

She did think my orange swirl mug was a great specimen.
So I had to try it out with Hutch.

Looks pretty good, eh, with his orange plaid shirt?

But that pencil? I hope he's going to shift it before he takes a drink...


Bink said...

Little known fact: he poked his eye out in rehearsal, but being a real trooper, he drew an eyeball on a pale grape and popped it into place. But the time he filmed the scene he had replaced the grape with a marble. He finished the series using a glass eye.

His mother said it was only a matter of time until he lost his eye; even being teased in school for wearing eye makeup—in reality errant pen markings made while sipping—failed to break the habit.

Fresca said...