Saturday, February 24, 2018

Eeyore on the Beach

For a long time I felt a bit sad and uncertain about how the little stuffed Eeyore I had restored and given to my father got cremated with him after he died last summer. 
Even though stuffed animals are, in physical actuality, cloth and stuffing, they are also the receptacle for feelings. What happens to things that carry our feelings matters.

Even though I wholly supported my sister's gesture (she asked me first if it was OK), my heart only100%  accepted Eeyore's end after I opened my father's laptop  a few weeks ago and saw on his iPhoto a dozen pictures of Eeyore on vacation with him. 

My father, Daniele, had sent me one photo from that trip, but only the one.
When I saw the photos, I knew Eeyore would indeed have wanted to stay with my father. 
Eeyore still wore the tag that I'd forgotten I'd attached: 


gz said...

a friend to the end and beyond

Fresca said...

Hi, GZ. Yes, that's it.