Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Use These 9 Words in a Sentence!

OK. Michael posted the nine runner-up Words of the Year from Merriam-Webster, and I asked him if he could use them all in a sentence.
The words are
complicit, recuse, empathy, dotard, syzygy, gyro, federalism, hurricane, and gaffe.

Of course he did, here

So then I had to. I didn't know what syzygy meant, and I also looked up recuse and federalism, never having used them in a sentence! I also added some substantive words, because otherwise, really, I couldn't make those words do anything much fun.

I imagine my sentence illustrated by Jules Feiffer's dancer. Here it is:
The modern dancer spun in syzygy with a gyro on a spit, presenting without a gaffe a hurricane of moves meant to represent an empathetic federalism, while the judge was recused as a dotard, complicit in seeking to block the inclusion of "foreign" meats in dance. 
 I'm sure Feiffer's dancer would be up to it. 
Here she is after the US "won" the first Gulf War in 1991... twenty-six years ago, and counting.

If you'd like to play, please do! Email me your sentence or leave it in the comments, or if you're a blogger, I can link to your sentence on your blog.


gz said...

A real challenge!

Good to see Feiffer's drawing again..I remember them,possibly from the Guardian newspaper

Frex said...

It was a challenge!

The dancer, she is genius, eh?
I remember her from childhood, when I'd read my the cartoons in my parents' New Yorker.

Bink said...

Great sentence....I don’t think I could come up with one that actually has so much meaning.

gz said...

just looked up Feiffer in Wikipedia...not only 88 not out,but still working!