Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bear, Settling In

Man-oh-man, I thought this old bear was fine when I saw it on eBay, but in person, it has Personality.

When it first came out of its box, it was worried.

 Then it was curious.
After sniffing about, it became confident. It reminds me of Wash, the pilot on Firefly. (Perhaps that is it's name...)
"I declare this land Bear Land."

I hesitate to clean this bear, but it stinks. 
I pulled some stuffing out through a hole, and it stank. 
Wash . . .  no, Firefly! must have lived with smokers. 
For a hundred years. (Possibly that is literally true.)

I don't see any signs, but I even worry about bugs.
For now, Firefly is out in the below-freezing temps of the back porch.


deanna said...

I think I'd worry a bit, too. But maybe this is a good pilot, and after a thorough going-over will be a good addition to your crew. :)

Bink said...

OMG! He’s darling and full of personality! Too bad the little guy is so stinky—you’l both just have to be brave andsee what can be done to clean him up. Maybe the cold air will do the trick.