Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bear Popsicle

I hand washed this polyester bear with replacement button eyes (from the '60s? 70s?)--in great shape, just filthy--and put it out still damp on the back porch last night, with all the other newly arrived dirty bears who are airing out, as well as freezing out any possible wee beasties.

("Controlled low temperature treatment, also known as “freezing” [oh, really?], has become a routine pest management and eradication method for museums..." via Museum Pests)

The temperature last night was about 13ºF (- 9º C).

Of course this morning it was a Popsicle.

I like that this bear is a dark-chocolate brown---though that's a common color for real bears, toy bears are often more caramel.

Bear still has bits of the original nasty shredded-foam filling stuck to its fur. I've just rewashed it (thawed first, of course) and put it on low in the clothes-dryer to finish cleaning and fluffing it up again.

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