Sunday, June 4, 2017

bunny balloon (Left Art from the Castle of Peace)

Painting paisleys to leave around for people to pick up took too long, so, inspired by Art Sparker, today I made playing card collages--of an ideal size & sturdiness to place easily. 

Surprise, surprise, they all turned out to be scenes from the Castle of Peace, where my toys live.

It's the first Open Streets today--throughout the summer, the city closes off a several-mile stretch of a major thoroughfare for a Sunday--so I'm going to place them there---except the bunny balloon, which I love too much to part with yet.

Marz has my camera, so I can't record their placement; I took these photos of my favorites with the (slightly fuzzy) laptop camera.


ArtSparker said...

Hope Marz gives your camera back soon, I would like to see the locations...nice work!

Frex said...

Yes, I need to get the camera back.
I still have the cards you sent at my birthday to place (& record) too.
Maybe I could send you a couple of mine to put around? It'd be fun to see them in your locations!