Saturday, June 3, 2017

potato bag

I like to do physical chores, rather than officey tasks, when I volunteer at the grocery store, like taking the cardboard recycling out. I've started to save some collage material--like the message on a box that reads:

(The box held honey in bear-shaped bottles.)
Today I couldn't resist taking home this potato sack--I never work this big, so I don't know what I'll do with it, but the paper is so strong, I could sew it into clothing or maybe a carrying bag?
Isn't the design classic? The slight curve of RED RIVER VALLEY...
Also, isn't the light behind me beautiful? It was 9:23 p.m. when I took the photo.

I continue to feel happier in myself, these past couple weeks. At the same time I was blogging yesterday about spending too much time alone, my friend Julia was emailing me to ask me out to dinner with her and her father Tank.

Tank is almost 96, I think, and has no short-term memory, so he doesn't exactly know who I am, but when they got to the restaurant where I was already sitting, Julia asked Tank where he wanted to sit, and he pointed to the chair by me and said, "Next to my friend."

His kindness was just what I needed.
I asked him if he thought people were naturally good, and he paused to think, and then he said, yes, he thought we were. 

After dinner, we sat in a pocket park, and Julia and I hand-sewed until it was too dark and the mosquitoes came out, about 9:30?
Julia took this photo:
She wrote, "Loved admiring the visible repairs here on this building as I sat in the adjacent park handsewing a fix. Wear in, don't wear out. Make do and mend. All of it. "

This evening I looked at the news at it was, of course, dreadful, so I googled "happy news" and spent a couple hours looking at little articles about people helping one another out--and also helping out animals, like baby elephants that fall down wells in India, or a pit bull Ginger rescued from dogfighting that Patrick Stewart & his wife are fostering.

One of my favorites stories shows a police officer who stops a young guy for speeding one morning (caught on the automatic police camera, I guess). 
Turns out the young guy was supposed to wear a tie to give a presentation but didn't know how to tie a tie--so he'd gone to a friend's house for help, but the friend wasn't home. Now young guy is late, and speeding, and untied.

So the cop asks for the tie, which the guy pulls out of his pocket. The cop takes it and ties the tie around his own neck and hands it back to the guy to put on. 
The tail is too long, however, so the cop ties it again.
End of story.

Here's the link. It's actually quite boring, which I loved about it--it doesn't even make you smile or anything--it's just normal human behavior, as normal as a potato bag.
Raymond Carver or Chekov could have written it up.

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