Monday, June 5, 2017

Jack & Ace

I made two more left-art cards last night.
The Jack amazes me.

 I can't stand to part with these right away--they're so nifty to hold--I'm going to keep them for a while before putting them out. 
(So it occurs to me, if anyone sees one they want as I continue to make them, let me know, and if it's still around, it's yours. They're for giving away, after all.)

P.S. Also, if anyone has any old, worn soft playing cards lying around, I could use some. See, new cards are super-plasticized and not so pleasant to handle or look at (and they're harder to glue on too--I scrape the plastic, to create grip).


ArtSparker said...

Nice! I use rubber cement, the old fashioned way - ie, I coat both the surface to be applied and the section of card I'm applying it to. You will need a rubber cement eraser, available at any art store, to clean up the bits of rc sticking out around the edges .

Frex said...

Ah, thanks, Sparker: you answered an unasked question of mine---you use rubber cement.
I've got 3 bottles of Elmer's so I'll use that up first--but, yep, I do both sides for best gripping.
I love the playing cards for their size & strength--thanks for the idea!!!