Friday, December 2, 2016

Cosplay: Nalo Hopkinson, 1977, Uhura

Nalo Hopkinson, author of sci-fi and speculative fiction and guest of honor at upcoming Worldcon 2017,  cosplaying Uhura from Star Trek in 1977-78:

Hopkinson was born in Jamaica, lived in Canada, and now teaches Creative Writing at UC–Riverside.
From her blog post "In honour of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek":

"I remember trying to figure out what the hell to dress up as, since at the time, none of the commonly recognized characters or creatures in popular science fiction and fantasy reflected me or my culture. … Except Ororo Munroe [Storm from Marvel Comics] and Lt. Uhura.

Nichelle Nichols [played Uhura], you were there when I needed you… Because you were and are visible where you are visible, you make it possible for other Black women to be seen, too. Thank you."
I just got Hopkinson's novel Sister Mine from the library.

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