Friday, December 2, 2016

Cosplay: Go Big

I was looking at women's plus-size cosplay--there're a lot of amazing costumes out there, but this is the one of the BEST  I've seen, any size, IMHO, because cosplayer Bellexi uses her body as part of her costume, and because her guts in doing so also matches the character, who is a badass: 
Roadhog, from the game Overwatch.

Plus, Bellexi made her costume, including using a 3D printer to make parts of her weapons. She painted the stomach tattoo on a body suit.
 Overwatch has a lot of great diverse characters. Here are some more women killing Overwatch cosplay at Baltimore's Otakon. August 2016.

Here are just a few of the many bigger-bodied cosplayers I found:

BELOW: The TARDIS from Doctor Who:

BELOW: Again, I love how the cosplayer uses her body as much as her costume for Shakmina, warrior princes from Faragh Borgh (I think? an OC (original character)).
From Horror Kitsch Bitch, "Alternative Fa(t)shion and Body Positivity"

 The above blogger, Kobi, writes:

I believe plus size fashion is political. Pure and simple.

Our current society tells fat women (and fat people, all genders) that they are entirely unworthy of (amongst other things) love, respect, dope threads, and the right to autonomy over their body (diet, exercise etc).
When I first started collecting body modifications at the age of 12, it was a way of attempting to regain control over my body and refusal to follow the rules (I went to a strict school, for one thing).
As a creative being, I’ve always had an intense passion for costumes and fashion – although the latter always felt illegal, something I would never actually be allowed to participate in. But finding the body pos community and beginning a journey towards self actualisation has enabled me to finally allow myself to pursue these once-forbidden passions.

Briana Lawrence (below, right, in green gown) wrote about being plus-sized, black woman cosplayer, here: 
"I'm A Plus-Size Cosplayer"
, from xoJane, 2013

"People can be real assholes to plus size and/or diverse cosplayers."

BELOW: Rey, from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

warrior Fiona from Shrek Forever After:

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