Thursday, December 1, 2016

I want to eat muffins calmly in Finland!

I've wanted to go to Finland ever since I found out they host an annual herring festival, which was right after I wrote about the country for one of the geography series books and then put a dozen friends in herring heads I made with bink for our strange 2-min. flick based on a Finnish saying,
"Herring are too small for Christmas dinner." 

Plus, one of my best & oldest blogfriends is Finnish (in Finland), and Minnesota is like Finland's bastard, much younger twin, so...

After posting yesterday about cosplay at the 1939 Worldcon, I looked up Worldcon---it's been going ever since, and in summer 2017, the 75th Worldcon is in Helsinki!

I'm not a "real" sci-fi fan (though I love the ideas in sci-fi, so maybe I am), but I would for sure go, except that after I write this book (I am writing it!--ms due in 6 weeks! eeeek), I will have almost no money and entirely no job.

It's a small con--about 5,000 people attend (will it be more or less, in Finland?)–– and they give out the Hugo Awards, which is Historic.
I put on hold at the library works by the sci-fi writers who are slated to appear:
Nalo Hopkinson (interview with NH; cosplaying Uhura)
Johanna Sinisalo
Walter Jon Williams

The chair is Jukka Halme---a famous Finnish footballer, a not-so-famous fan. With a little digging, I found the blog of Halme and his wife Sari Polvinen (they met through fandom!): 
Eating Muffins in an Agitated Manner 

In their blog's About Me, they write:

The name of the blog cames from Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Ernest:

JACK: How can you sit there, calmly eating muffins when we are in this horrible trouble, I can't make out. You seem to me to be perfectly heartless.

ALGERNON: Well, I can't eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would probably get on my cuffs. One should always eat muffins quite calmly. It is the only way to eat them. 

We figured that we aspire to eating the muffins of life calmly like Algy, but if we can't do that we will still eat them, and damn the butter :-)
Reading about and looking at cosplay this week, I also want to make a cosplay costume! Maybe I could go as a muffin. 

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