Thursday, November 10, 2016

Some Post-Election Tumblring

I've not been on Tumblr for a while but am back on watching the reactions to the election. I see the trending hashtag is

I'm just a casual Tumblr user but I've noticed that pretty regularly people post helpful, practical information on Tumblr about how to take care of yourself. 

Not like Oprah "take a bubble bath and think positive" advice.

Well, OK, after the election there certainly is stuff like this that I saw this morning:

Also lots of cheering photos of things like "cats napping on dogs".

Sometimes Tumblr feels to me like the Boxcar Children,
with the children tenderly taking care of the other children. 
(Also fierce arguments, sometimes.)
Demographic reports vary, but most Tumblr users are not actually children. Young, but not children: nearly half are between the ages of 16 and 24. However, 15% are 17 and under; that's the same percentage is 55 and over--my demographic. 

Anyway, often I've observed that the advice is practical, with live links and phone numbers about where to go for medical help if you're a victim of anti-trans violence, for instance, or what helps if you suffer from anxiety---real, hard stuff like that.

Also there are teach-in posts about history and how stuff works (like why you shouldn't feed your cat a vegan diet). 
Today I saw a post explaining how the Supreme Court could amend the Constitution to repeal equal marriage rights, like it did with Prohibition. This was in response to a post saying don't worry, Trump can't just repeal our rights.

Snopes reports the accusation of Pence is not exactly true, it's a mixed up version of ... uh, read the report for the details.

I also saw advice about attending anti-Trump rallies. It strikes me that it's all about staying safe, nothing about causing harm.

There're also reminders NOT to "joke" online about causing harm  because the FBI will investigate you. (The assumption being you are not actually intending to assassinate anyone. But there're undercurrents of serious fear and rage all over.) 
For instance, this message [boldface in original post]:
"I need you all to know that threatening harm to the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States law and can get you investigated by the Secret Service, arrested, put on trial, and even put in jail. Even comments that you make online can carry this punishment. I know everyone’s angry, but please don’t do anything that could get you put in jail."
Also this morning,"Pandora's Box":


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