Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Auntie's Advice

This is the best post-election cheer-up I've had.

My 91-y.o. auntie e-mail every day. This morning I told her I've had a terrific headache ever since election night---"I think I must be clenching all the muscles in my head!"--and that I hope going to the YW will help. She also knows I've been cutting back on treats.

She wrote back:
"Yes, the exercise will pump some oxygen into your brain to make you feel better. 
I don't usually give you advice but I think you should eat some fat! 😉. Something rich and gooey.
 How about some pumpkin pie with whipped cream at that lovely bakery you've told me about in the past?
Love you lots and lots. 💜"


gz said...

I'd love an Aunt like that!

Frex said...

She's pretty great; I took her advice too!

ArtSparker said...

Making soup next...not pie, but close as I can get right now.

Frex said...

Yum. Soup is comforting.