Sunday, July 3, 2016

What's on my desktop? 2. Tumblr Talk

Part 2 of the Round Up of Stuff I Have Randomly Saved in the Last Month

Tumblr and fandom have their own vocabularies, which are constantly evolving--and supre quickly.
There's also this phenomenon of people excitedly sharing new discoveries––as if for the first time–– such as, "Guys! guys! language evolves!" WHICH I LOVE.
(I feel the same when I stumble onto something amazing--it may be well known to some, but it's new to me.)

For instance, this "cinnamon roll too good too pure" meme.
(I couldn't find an example I liked quickly, so I just made this one of Scully, from the X-Files):

And a fan's explanation of its source (sources quickly get lost on Tumblr--its from an Onion headline), from dork-larue.tumblr:


Michael Leddy said...

Welcome back!

I am totally unfamiliar with the cinnamon-roll meme. On the other hand, I watched an episode of Starsky and Hutch yesterday, with Starsky helping an old classmate who is now an alcoholic fashion model (played by Jan Smithers). The dialogue was hilarious.

Zhoen said...

Not one I've come across yet. Funny how I never realized how beautiful Gillian Anderson was on that show, her costume did not flatter her. Looking at her now, I wonder how I missed that.

Fresca said...

MICHAEL: Hi! Thanks!
Nice to be back. I think I might be able to stay longer this time, though who knows...
Anyway, I had a sort of PST-like reaction to the sexism of Starsky & Hutch and sadly I am not able to enjoy it anymore. BUt yeah, it's so bad it's hilarious. (I know that episode).
I am watching occasional Columbos now--much less anxiety producing---and all the guest stars---wow!

ZHOEN: Her face is like if an angel were a cinnamon roll. (? Or something.)
Scully's costume is not all sexed-up like most women characters on TV, true, but it's no less flattering than Mulder's.