Friday, July 15, 2016

Lou Costello Pisces-Appreciation Spam, by Marz

Lou Costello was born the day after me.

Marz, a Costello fan, uses him to illustrate the sign of Pisces:

Pisces love food and tend to be on the plumper side

But they're also unselfish and eager to share

Pisces can be shy....

Sad, blue fish

Could use steadying hands

Pisces dream date: Costello was excited to go on the Love Boat ride because "when it's dark and no one's watching us....we can...take off our shoes and put our feet in the water". 


Do not be mean to them! Of all the signs to be mean to, it's worst to be mean to a Pisces because they're so nice. They like to help people with their moods, but unkindness is very bad for them.

Some pisces do well with a more domineering partner. [Fresca says--"a partner who is more of a leader"]
(Abbott is actually very fond of Costello and they have sweet times too; also keep in mind that Costello would probably be a darling homeless addict without him)

Pisces live with a pronounced duality between the physical and the non-physical; they might plug their nose while jumping out of a plane


Michael Leddy said...

Hilarious! Kudos to Marz.

Bud Abbott was a Libra, so these two were made for each other. Their television show was a major staple of my younger years. Two old guys, living in a rooming house, trying to make the rent ... it’s a wonder that I turned out to be productive member of society.

Fresca said...

Thanks, Michael.

I passed this on to Marz who hesitated about whether or not Abbott the character was the same sign as Abbott the actor, and then agreed with you, yes:
She said:
"I'm remembering a Libra friend who was never mean, but also never cared about what I wanted to do. Abbott doesn't care! My friend was also manipulative, which is very Libra, and very Abbott.

"Also, Libras apparently sometimes stir up conflicts so they have something to resolve? Abbott is always stirring up chaos.
...but you really see how much he likes and supports his alien partner [Costello]. "

Fresca said...

P.S. And I can't comment because I've watched about 5 minutes of Abbott & Costello --besides the famous Who's on First? which everyone knows. (Do they, still?)

bink said...

I want to hit a "like" button in this.

I don't believe any Pisces I know (except my bro) would tolerate a dominating partner for one minute! As far as a leader partner, only if they lead where the Pisces wants to go! ;-)