Sunday, July 3, 2016

What's on my desktop? 1. Women in Hats

Good morning, bloggers!
I've been gone for a month---mostly I've been over on Tumblr (zowie!) and Facebook (zzzzz). I want to catch up here... feel sort of overwhelmed so I'll just start to plop down here some of the stuff I have lying around.

Let's see what's in this pile... 


Below: Katharine Hepburn on the set of Sylvia Scarlett (in which she disguises herself as a boy), USA, 1935, dir. George Cukor.
(Alas, not a very good movie--I read that it pulled its punches because it was post-Code--and it shows. Rather lame.)

below: Julie Andrews, from Life magazine. I can't find the date. Tumblr users neglect source notes, which annoys me, but it's a different world: it mostly happens on people's phones, which changes people's ability or desire to do any research, I think.

below: "What We Love This Week #10" from Wool and Cotton Co, the knitting store where my auntie shops and attends drop-in knitting groups


Zhoen said...

Hats are wonderful items, too bad they aren't de rigueur anymore.

Missed you.

Fresca said...

Thanks, I missed being here!

I like looking at hats but not wearing them.

Zhoen said...

Whereas, I will put anything on my head...

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Do you have some cool hats? Could you post some pix? That'd be fun!
Me & Hats: my head just gets hot & sweatry, and my hair gets squashed.