Monday, February 15, 2016

Heart Like a Paisley

Remember I was painting paisleys for a while, some based on human organs? 
I never did a heart though, which is odd because the heart looks most like a paisley of all the body parts. 
In fact, I painted this one (in gouache) yesterday, Valentine's Day, inspired by a drawing of a heart Michael posted on OCA. 


Michael Leddy said...

It’s beautiful!

Fresca said...

Thanks, Michael! And thanks for posting the illustration that inspired it.

The Crow said...

I think this is how my heart sees itself, wiithout the two or so scars and small birth defects. Michael said it first, and I echo his comment: your heart is beautiful. So is the heart of your spirit.

I hope you will draw more paislied things, such as an Essential Bear?

Zhoen said...

That is a really beautiful anatomic heart. Usually, they are too... well, the real things are not meant for show. Or art hearts take too many liberties, and miss essentials. This lands right on the sweet spot between art and accuracy, with a sense of the powerful movement of a real living heart, beating.

Fresca said...

CROW: Bear paisleys! There's a good idea!

ZHOEN: I am honored that someone who has seen plenty of actual internal organs thinks this is a good one--thanks!