Monday, February 15, 2016

Stuffed Animals, Here & There: Guns, optional. Bears, essential.

Columbo and Starsky.
What do these two detectives have in common?

Both are from the East Coast, working in LA in the 1970s, and Jewish. 
[That's last one's never said, but their actors (Peter Falk and Paul Michael Glaser) are Jewish. Columbo is of Italian heritage, but of course there are Italian Jews.]

Otherwise they're almost opposites:
Columbo drives a beater, for instance, and he doesn't even carry a gun.

But fan detective Marz has uncovered a similarity:
a fondness for bears. 
(Columbo is holding someone else's bear here, but Starsky keeps a bear of his own––not this one––in his desk drawer.)

Don't these guys look like uncle and nephew? 
If I wrote fanfiction…


The Crow said...

...and what's to keep you from writing fanfiction? 'Cause we all know you can write!

Fresca said...

Hi, Crow! Thanks for asking---I guess I just don't really like/want to write fiction.