Monday, February 15, 2016

Guns, optional. Bears, essential.

Columbo and Starsky.
What do these two detectives have in common?

Both are from the East Coast, working in LA in the 1970s, and Jewish. 
[That's last one's never said, but their actors (Peter Falk and Paul Michael Glaser) are Jewish. Columbo is of Italian heritage, but of course there are Italian Jews.]

Otherwise they're almost opposites:
Columbo drives a beater, for instance, and he doesn't even carry a gun.

But fan detective Marz has uncovered a similarity:
a fondness for bears. 
(Columbo is holding someone else's bear here, but Starsky keeps a bear of his own––not this one––in his desk drawer.)

Don't these guys look like uncle and nephew? 
If I wrote fanfiction…


The Crow said...

...and what's to keep you from writing fanfiction? 'Cause we all know you can write!

Fresca said...

Hi, Crow! Thanks for asking---I guess I just don't really like/want to write fiction.