Sunday, February 14, 2016

Collage Cards

Here are the collage cards I made yesterday. The source material was a couple magazines from the late 1950s and the foil wrappers of bink's Valentine chocolates that I was eating. (Their shiny red didn't scan well.)

For my musical auntie: 


My favorite. I would like for this to exist:

For my sister:

This last one is hardly Valentine-y… I was just enchanted by the "asbestos tile!" ad:  


The Crow said...

Wow! These are great, Fresca!

I love the fluffy fruit pie. I can only imagine what that would look (and taste!) like.

(There's, slightly...kinky-erotic about the images. Or perhaps my hormones are out of whack again. Yeah, that's probably it.)

Fresca said...

CROW: They were super fun to make. And er..., um, the flexible hose that shoots fluffy fruit pie? Erotic? What? Are you crazy, lady? How could you think such a thing?!?! (Yes, I did too.)

marz said...

Yours are the best collages I've seen. It's like your brain was set up to put stuff together---in physical order like a wallet or in invented order like these. I obviously like the Complete Creamy TV one. Actually, I want it. As one of my old REM people used to say: "I'm asking you. I'm asking you nicely."

Fresca said...

MARZ: My brain, she likes to put things next to things, it's true.

Guess what?
I made that "Creamy TV" collage for you!
(Of course. Who else?)
But thank you for asking so nicely. :)