Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Counting Carbs in Duluth

After a dinner of beer and ice cream last night, today I am going to start counting carbs, which I learned from meeting with the nutritionist. 

She was all, "Lentils are so, so taystee", 
and while I am motivated to avoid diabetes and keep all my toes, I'm also well acquainted with being me, so I kept saying, 
"Let's be realistic: how many carbs in oreos?"

OK, so, I can have two oreos... Two. Has anyone in the history of the world stopped after two oreos?

Sometimes abstinence is easier than moderation, so I'm going to try replacing all refined-sugar treats with fruit. 
Fruit still has lots of carbs, but I can eat just one apple.

My friend said I should eat apples from the tree in her Duluth backyard. Seaway Black Bear is out of practice, after a long hibernation at the Salvation Army, and almost fell out of the apple tree, 
but from the ground I picked or shook down a mixing bowlful of little rosy apples [= each about 1 carb serving (15 grams)].

Black Bear is wearing its Peace necklace because as a northern bear, this morning it's excited about the Canadian elections. 
It has high hopes for new liberal prime minister Justin Trudeau, who said:
"The environment and the economy . . . go together like paddles and canoes. If you don't take care of both, you're never going to get to where you're going."
You'd think being from the Seventies, Black Bear would be cynical, but I've noticed that the stuffed animals usually aren't. 
Does all their stuffing insulate their hearts from disillusionment? 

And now, I'm off to hike the Superior Trail 4.5 miles down to the lakeshore (I'm way up the hill, by UM-D). 

I wonder if there's anything low-carb at the Chopsticks Inn. Maybe egg-foo young? 
Yes, I just checked: without the sauce or white rice, it's low-carb. 


Bink said...

I just read that there are special edition Oreos with coconut cream. Now that sounds like package I could easily eat.

Good of your bear to pick apples for you. :-) and so healthy for you both.

Fresca said...

BINK: Coconut Oreos. I'm not even tasting one.

Bear is a good guide.