Monday, October 19, 2015

Stuffed Needy Animal Rescue Project (SNARP): Duluth Division

I didn't even ride the bus to Duluth up the hill to the U, today, near where I am staying: 

I got off at its first stop, in seedy West Duluth (which I love), 
and took the city bus* to the Salvation Army
--the one down the street from Curly's Bar and the former flophouse the Seaway Hotel--
where I scored a real find: 
an old-but-clean stuffed black bear made in Chanhassen, MN, by Animal Fair, Inc. 

(Made in Minnesota? You know it's old. Guessing from others like it online, 1970s or 1980s?)

Seaway Bear was happy to be in the wild again, sitting in the pine tree, 
but it was just as happy to come inside and have a Lake Superior beer, brewed here in Duluth. 
(Full disclosure: It held it; I drank it.)

I also bought a boy's blue plaid flannel shirt at SalvArmy to cut down for Seaway. (All the animals want to dress like Hutch.)

Tomorrow: hiking on the Superior Hiking Trail--it runs right by the house and down to the lake... emerging conveniently near Huie's Chopsticks Inn, where I will get lunch.

*Overheard on the city bus:
As we pass the Master Bakery Outlet store [looks like generic Wonder Bread], a bus rider says, "They're closing that. People are feeling sad."

People near her murmur assent.


Bink said...

Tomorrow's walk sounds great. I hope you have chow mien...because that's what I remember eating as a kid in Duluth. Yum!

Fresca said...

That's exactly the kind of American-Chinese food I'm thinking of. Maybe egg foo young, which I always liked better than chow mein.