Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Take a Hike

I hiked from the Harley Nature Center down to the Lake Superior shore on the Superior Hiking Trail. The trail cuts through the city of Duluth, but you mostly feel you're in the wilderness.

Let me just add, for a downhill trail, there sure were a lot of uphills.

The last couple miles follow the creek running down Chester Park. Water drops splashed my camera lens:

I'd had a . . . shall we say "Sicilian" e-mail exchange in the morning––the closer I come to my family, the more I like stuffed animals––
so it was great to walk it off in nature, and comforting to have the benign companionship of Seaway Black Bear.

The sign on the tree says Foot Traffic Only. Paws are feet too.

It was cold, but I got hot, hiking, so Bear wore my hat.

Black Bear is fearless, bungee jumping over Chester Creek waterfalls:


The Crow said...

We all need a Fearless companion sometimes. Seaway is a beautiful bear.

Fresca said...

CROW: Yes! To show us how to do it or to be fearless on our behalf. I don't like heights, and it made me nervous to watch Bear dangling, I can tell you!

Zhoen said...

Always good to have a bear on one's side. Oh, I miss that glacial rock, I can smell the leaves and water, and tinge of iron in the air.

Frex said...

ZHOEN: Oh, yes, and the smell of crushed pine too.
Along the trail, slabs of flat, rounded stone rises out of the ground like the backs of humpback whales.

Bink said...

Love the bungee jumping picture!

Zhoen said...

I forgot the pine, how did I? So miss the evergreens in deep damp.

Fresca said...

BINK: It's what you would have done!

ZHOEN: You don't have deep damp, I know, but do you have evergreens out there?

Laura B said...

So interesting- I did not know about this trail.

Fresca said...

LAURA: We could come up and hike it together!
There are several branches of the SHT here in the city.