Friday, September 11, 2015

The Sartorial Fox

How hard can it be to make a coat & tie for a toy fox? I thought.

(I'd bought the tie at the Thrift Store––silk, from Milan!––but had to narrow it; even the "tail" was too wide. ["Anatomy of a Necktie"])

Four fiddly hours later [and do not look closely at the seams]: 

Sewing comes with a whole 'nother vocabulary.
The navy blue wool I'd bought was printed on one side with the word FACE. I looked it up, and as you'd guess, the face side of fabric is the "right side", facing front.
Sneax seemed to enjoy the process of getting suited up as Fox Mulder. I think he's going to live with Marz now, where there's plenty of X-Files going on.

I'm loving making clothes for toys. 
Finding toys really comforting myself, I think it'd be neat to tailor them with / for people who could use them.

Just googled around and found a book about the importance for play for adults: Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul.

In an interview, the author, Stuart Brown, MD, said,
" I began thinking about the role of play in our lives while conducting a detailed study of homicidal males in Texas. What I discovered was severe play deprivation in the lives of these murderers. When I later studied highly creative and successful individuals, there was a stark contrast. Highly successful people have a rich play life."
I wonder how I might connect toys and people... Most Americans have too much stuff anyway. 
And sending toys into crisis situations isn't helpful:

An article on "how to help refugees" says aid workers are overwhelmed with donations of clothes, food, and toys––having myself sorted through donations at the Thrift Store, I know how time-consuming and jumbled it is. 

It's better to donate money to international agencies, such as the Red Cross/Red Crescent appeal for Syria.  

I suppose that like most everything I do, my toy connections will be haphazard, small scale, and personal. 
That suits me best.


Michael Leddy said...

That’s a stylin’ fox. I like the idea of “a rich play life,” and I wonder how many adult people have this kind of thing going on. I hope the answer is many.

Frex said...

Thanks, Michael.
Orange Crate Art is full of play!

The Crow said...
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The Crow said...

Sorry about that! I hit the wrong button.

Mr. Fox - Sneax - looks very dapper and mysterious in his new duds. I'll have to show Piglet when I get home this evening.

Is it my imagination (probably) but doesn't he resemble Mulder a bit? It must be the coat and tie. Great job creating those, Fresca, and I love that you included the printed word in making the coat.

Lady Chardonnay said...

What a jaunty coat! How fine he looks! Good job, you. I definitely see a future in custom stuffed animal clothes -- a Groucho jacket for a clever bunny, perhaps, or a Holly Golightly little black dress for a lady skunk. Why not?!

Zhoen said...

A very natty fox, Sneaks be.

Coloring books, and staking blocks and soft critters, my favorites as a child, and remain so. Still coloring, stacking rocks, and cuddling cats.

marz said...

The Fox does resemble Mulder a bit. Overall, I think Sneax looks more like Scully. Then again, the manner of Sneax is closer to Mulder. So, this is a dream come true: the best of both agents!

ArtSparker said...

I leave little things for people to find - I'm pretty sure most of them get adopted.

Fresca said...

CROW: I can neither confirm nor deny Sneax's resemblance to any FBI agents.

LADY C: A little black dress... yes... I think I can see this in the works!

ZHOEN: THe best of us.

MARZ: Thanks for answering this question!

ARTSPARKER: I love that you leave gifties around!
I could even just dress some of the toys for sale at the Thrift Store--they only cost 25 cents there.

I actually already donated the Star Trek Helen Noel-character doll that I made when I was working in Activities---sold for the BIG BUCKS:

bink said...

I love seeing Sneax all dressed up. I think you did a wonderful job! The suit is natty and the tie is perfect!

Fresca said...

BINK: Thanks! Sneax is a natty fellow.