Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Tie for the Fox (A Tale from the Thrift)

Marz came by to pick up her mail yesterday. 
Some of the plush toys used to be hers, and she asked if I'd mind if the fox, Sneax Be-le-Be, could come with her after all, 
and if I'd make an outfit for him like Fox Mulder's from the X-Files

What would that outfit be? I asked, since I've watched exactly one episode.

A tie and a trench coat. 

So, I looked up Mulder's ties, and that afternoon I went to volunteer at the Thrift Store.
As I was looking at the ties there, a regular customer came up and asked me what I was doing.

I explained, and he immediately pointed to a tie:

"This one is the most like Mulder."

The fox (far right) is quite happy with his new identity so far. I also bought a small piece of fine navy wool. Trench coat to follow.


The Crow said...

Perfect Fox Mulder tie for handsome Mr. Fox.

Fresca said...

Mr. Fox seems very pleased with it, doesn't he?