Sunday, September 13, 2015

"A Rich Play Life"

I can't say that I remember US mainstream culture being very lighthearted about gender roles when I was growing up, [Rocky Horror being an exception], but at least there was a little bit of play going on...

Rocker Todd Rundgren as the Venus de Milo, 1976

X-Files' Scully & Mulder (Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny) for Us Magazine, 1997, photo by Mark Seliger.

Nothing to do with this, but this afternoon I am loving listening to an entirely different Gillian & David--Gillian Welsh in performance with David Rawlings [58 min]:


Zhoen said...

Dunno, maybe it was more played for laughs? Milton Berle type of thing? Dave Foley on News Radio wore a dress for Halloween, and instead of laughing at him, all the other characters were impressed by how good he looked. Of course, on Kids in the Hall, he often played real-looking female characters, which added another layer.

I have a soft spot for her voice. Always strikes me as a bit odd that Brits love hardcore country music, perhaps it shouldn't.

Fresca said...

Yeah, there was Milton Berle sorta stuff---campy... Monty Python pretending to be ladies...

In rock-n-roll, also songs like "Rebel, Rebel" & "Lola"--but they're British---was there a US equivalent? (Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like a Lady" in the 80s?)

Weird to me that men in dresses is still totally unusual.
(Tho in my neighborhood lots of men wear long robes on Fridays on their way to and from the mosque in the Somali Mall--different cultures mix things up...)

I wonder if Brits liking CW is like Americans liking British folksongs?