Tuesday, May 19, 2015



Thanks to Julia for putting me onto Vintage Chinese Posters of Babies in Space.
One has a version of the toy rocket I'd posted yesterday, and the perfect pose for a "WHATCHA THINKIN BOUT" meme too.

Btw, Star Trek's Sulu is Japanese, not Chinese, but by the 23rd century Earthkind is one big happy family.


Julia said...

Glad you found inspiration in those posters--I might not really get the reference, but your meme still made me smile!

Julia said...

Also, I'm remembering you with a bright red-orange phone in a photo? This is a thing, right?

Fresca said...

Oh, hey, yeah---I could make a meme with the baby and me on orange phones!
Good catch, Julia.

The reference...
Nothing profound---the bottom of photo shows Sulu, the navigator on Star Trek, talking into his communicator from a planet to the starship.

I guess, though, there's also a little added pun to "star"---the actor who played Sulu, George Takei, has maintained a long-running, public diva-snark with the actor who played Captain Kirk (William Shatner)--
they both display "star" egos.

So Sulu is thinkin bout stars (and starships) in space, and Takei is thinkin bout TV stars.

Oh, OK--there is one more reference--another meme in this series shows Neil deGrasse Tyson asking, "Whatcha thinkin bout"
And Carl Sagan replying,
"Nothin much... just star stuffs".