Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Apply Myself

^ From Street Art on Melrose
I applied for a job yesterday.

I haven't really been looking for work, but I guess apartment hunting triggered some internal Search Mode.

I went online and checked the county's job site, and there was a communications job that actually sounds like fun--writing weekly newsletters, designing fliers and invitations, stuff like that, for Public Works.

Public Works?
That's Bikes & Garbage!
My heroes.

No doubt Public Works is as dysfunctional as any other gov't department, but at least they're not advertising crap.

[I walked into Target the other day and almost had an out-of-body experience: the entire contents of the store appeared to me as garbage. And within a few weeks, that is where most of it will be--in the garbage.

Hey, I just searched "bikes & garbage" and see that in in Northampton, MA, you can hire Pedal People >
to haul your trash, all year round.]  

Anyway, the salary scale starts at $38,000––normal for some, but riches to me. 
(Even if I'd worked in Activities full-time, it'd have paid only $22,000.)

The county job only requires a few years of writing/editing experience, so I imagine there'll be lots of other applicants?
I'm not getting my hopes up high, but it's encouraging to apply for something I'd kinda like to do.

It was even fun to apply: 
I could list lots of the wandery, free things I've done, such as photographing a community garden throughout 2013 for my neighborhood's annual calendar.

And I wouldn't mind working full time, I don't think.

I've already done a lot of stuff that's best done when one's knees are young, inspired (when I was fifteen) by Cary Grant's speech in Holiday:


deanna said...

Pedal People are featured in the Inhabit documentary. :)

I'll be thinking about your application process. Sounds interesting...

Zhoen said...

Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to do something not unpleasant for a boatload of peace of mind. Chase it down and take it home, is what I think.

The Crow said...

I wish you well in your job search, Fresca, and hope you find the right one, the good one that makes you glad to get up in the morning and go to it!

Fresca said...

DEANNA: I must watch that film in its entirely--the preview looked great.

ZHOEN:"something not unpleasant" + "peace of mind"--sounds good!

CROW: Thanks for your good wishes--I add mine to yours.

poodletail said...

The public works gig sounds tailor-made for you, fresca. I hope they have the good sense to hire you.

Fresca said...

Thanks, POODLE. We shall see...