Monday, May 18, 2015

From My Desktop

I spent the weekend apartment hunting, which is time consuming and nerve wracking--rental companies want you to earn 3x the rent, which of course I don't, but I also have zero ($0) debt and no car (so no car expenses)--will they take that into account?

We shall see...

Meanwhile, I've neglected the book proposal I'd hoped to have done today--I'm going to see if I can crank it out now.

So for today's blog, I'm just going to put in three pictures I've had on my desktop for a while.

1. I'd left Glenda Jackson off my round up of women who impressed me in the 70s---she definitely was one. I learned most of my English history from her Elizabeth I (as well as The Six Wives of Henry VIII).

Maybe her most impressive role is her speech in parliament after Margaret Thatcher's death about MT's “heinous social, economic and spiritual damage”. 

2. Pronouns are the latest frontier in the gender/sex universe, right?

I love the way people are bending them, and I appreciate a little levity in my freedom fighters, like the academic blogger of Feminist Ryan Gosling.

3. L'astronave is Italian for "spaceship," you know; I'm always on the lookout for midcentury spaceship kitsch like this. 


Julia said...

In case you haven't seen them:
(one of the first non-text uses of the internet that I lost hours of my life to was websites of American and Chinese propaganda art/posters--so many wonderful ones! what great messages! such plump babies!)

Fresca said...

JULIA: Ohboy, no, I hadn't seen those wonderful babies in space!
Thanks--you'll see I used one in today's post.

Whne I was a kid in 1960s, our hippie, grad-school neighbors whom I admired had a Chinese propaganda poster that mesmerized me.

They also had an IMPEACH NIXON poster, re Vietnam, well before Watergate.
I asked them what "impeach" meant, and they explained, but in my mind, the "-PEACH" part forever linked the word with the peach-like babies in those posters.