Saturday, December 6, 2014

208 - 183 = 25

Since I'm so close, it's a whim of mine to publish 208 posts this year like I did last year. This is post #183, so that's only 25 more--one a day. 

I like to chat in the morning before I go to work, and Marz, if she's even up, is not a morning person. So, I can chat here every morning!

This morning, a little show & tell.

I bought the owl neck muffler I'm wearing from a friend at a craft sale yesterday. It'll be great for biking to work.
More crafts! I was walking around thinking, We could make this at work... (or not).

The fleece gave me an idea for meaningful craft activities---the residents and I could make simple fleece blankets to donate to ... children's cancer wards? Homeless shelters? I'll have to research it a little.

The EVERSHARP pen set from the 1940s comes from a resident's family who was going to throw it out (along with everything else, including an emesis basin---this explains some of the donations we get at the Thrift Store). 

I seem to have become an unintentional pen collector. These pair nicely with the space-age Lady Capri I got at the Thrift Store: they look like WWII bombers and she looks like a girly rocket.

OK, time to bike off to work.


The Crow said...

If you have a homeless or women's shelter in the area, mufflers like you are wearing would be gratefully received. Scarves, too, and microfleece makes wonderfully soft, wonderfully warm scarves.

Michael Leddy said...

The matched pen and pencil and the original case: that’s a treasure. Holy lever-fill mechanism, Batman!

Fresca said...

CROW: Yes, that's a good idea!

MICHAEL: Sure you don't want it???