Friday, December 5, 2014

Another Marz Look-Alike

Marz doesn't agree with me, but I think she looks very like the person in this painting.

L: Girl with the Red Hat by Johannes Vermeer, c. 1665/1666

R: Marz in Oregon, 2012


Zhoen said...

I see what she means, her eyes are larger, her nose smaller. But the intense gaze is much the same.

Fresca said...

Yes, not an exact match, but the length of the face, the coloring... Marz's family is from northern Europe so it's not so surprising she would look like a Vermeer, or related to one. I don't!

Laura B said...

Yes, it's something about the gaze which is such a twin. It's not a penetrating gaze, it's not intense, but it's aware and watchful, open but not assertive, watchful but not too involved, a little bit like deer in the woods who are watching you watching them.

bink said...

They are not twins, but very alike. And Marz doesn't usually have her eyes so wide open or her mouth... which would increase the resemblance.

Fresca said...

LAURA: Yes! That's good: Marz watches somewhat like a deer who thinks she is unobserved.

BINK" "Very alike"---that's it. I wish I could see the Vermeer in action, then we'd see how alike!