Sunday, December 7, 2014

What Is This?

A mysterious donated item: do you know what this is? I don't!
It's stamped "sterling", and ... is that mother of pearl? The narrow end obviously is meant to slide into (onto?) something, but what? A cane? A baton (it'd be awfully heavy, though)?


Zhoen said...

Umbrella handle? Just a wild guess.

The Crow said...

Could it be the top of a cane-sword or cover for a knife?

Fresca said...

: ) Like something out of Sherlock Holmes!

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: A friend of mine who makes historical costumes e-mailed in agreement with you:
"...on the topic of historical fashions, the mystery object you posted a photo of in your blog looks to me like a parasol or umbrella handle - especially parasol handles used to be that shape and size, and the decorations look rather feminine. Maybe early 20th century, from what I can see of the decorations - isn't there a bit of an Art Nouveau swirl in those engravings? But whatever it is, it's beautiful! "