Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Sound of One Fondue Fork

I imagine a shriek, as a lone fondue fork pierces the palm of a thrift store customer reaching into a bin of Kitchen Implements, 50 Cents.
Whoever donated the fondue fork (one, all alone) didn't worry that thrift store volunteers might skewer themselves unpacking the thing though.

No blood was lost, but I do marvel at the stuff people donate. A lot of it can go right into the Free Box, but not the dangerous stuff.

Most isn't dangerous,  it's just dirty, broken, or useless.  I can imagine the donor thinking, "Well, someone can use it."

I'm not sure who they are imagining needs...

scratched Tuppeware... with no lid
cookware with baked-on grease
picture frames with broken glass (to be fair, perhaps the glass was intact when it was put, unwrapped, into a paper bag to give away)
moldy pillows 
mildewed rugs
cat hair-covered anything
half-burned birthday cake candles
and––really?–– stained underwear


Zhoen said...

Near-hoarders, who see everything as a treasure? More like, this is an easy way to toss garbage. Some folks really don't see dirt, stains, chips. Underdeveloped sense of disgust.

If you can work up a really good story, you might do well off ebay with those pens. My guess is an office gift.

yvette said...

thinking of moulded stained stuff.....where is the appriciation for each other
you write it so funny!
must visit more but trying to decomputer
thank you for your lovely comment on feathers from heaven!

Zhoen said...

Oh, and leftovers from sad yardsales. I've seen a few garage sales with trash, dirty, torn, lots of old ratty clothes and other detritus. I'm sure when they're done, they bring the remains to thrift stores. Because, their stuff isn't garbage, right?

Which does not explain it. Sorry for hogging the comments.

deanna said...

I never thought about the sound of one fondue fork being, "Aagggh!" but I will try and be extra careful packing things up after the next yard sale.

Fresca said...

ZHOEN: Yes, I think that's part of it---the remnants of yard sales, the leftovers of a life of hoarding (donated by relatives), people who have an underdeveloped sense of disgust.
Heavens, don't hesitate to "hog" the comments---the trough is big enough for all. And it's clean! No disgusting things at all.

YVETTE: Nice to see you here!

DEANNA: If only people would wrap the pointy bits in a scrap of newspaper....

Frex said...

BINK sez [sent as an e-mail since the "anonymous" option is off]:

At least I can imagine a use for one fondue fork.

Stained panties? Never!

But then again, isn't that what MCAD's free shelf is for? The stuff you can't bear to throw--but you know is junk--and so you think, "Someone could make art out of this!"