Thursday, July 31, 2014

Almost 89...

My auntie wrote me of her art show last weekend that it was almost unbelievable...
"to know I could do the impossible when I am almost 89!"

That's my auntie at her show,  far right >
with bink, who drove down for the event.
I think my auntie looks like a happy young girl here.
She was born the 5th of 10 children of Sicilian immigrants (my father was #7); grew up during the Great Depression; stayed at home and turned her paycheck over to her parents until she got married at 32. She married a kind man and made a good home. When he died, she was only 70, but she said she thought her life was over.

Instead, she moved to a village on the city's edge, where she had one friend. She made new friends, got a part-time job, and flourished. 
She started painting when I did, a year and a half ago. She had taken a drawing class years ago, but otherwise she is self-taught and likes it that way.

At first painting was mostly to pass time during the long, cold winter. She would put away her art supplies between projects. But gradually she painted more and more, until finally she dedicated part of the living room to studio space.

The owner of the boutique where my auntie works once or twice a week had the idea to host her art show.
Here are some of her paintings on display, mostly acrylics on paper.


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Zhoen said...

She's lovely.

Fresca said...

Thanks, it is; she is!

bink said...

Hooray! I can prove I am not a robot and leave comments again.

It was an honor and privilege to go to Vi's show. Thank you for sharing your auntie with me!