Sunday, February 2, 2014

Oh, no, Philip

Philip Seymour Hoffman played characters who mattered to me, who were familiar to me. 

I've recognized so many of the people he played, sometimes his movies felt like home movies, full of tender, selfless outsiders and brilliant narcissists: the hospice nurse in Magnolia, music critic Lester Bangs in Almost Famous, the transsexual Rusty in Flawless, beautiful monsters like Truman Capote in Capote, or the Master.
I'd even chosen him as one of the actors to play me in a biopic of my life.
And I've said already that Love Liza was the best (maybe the only good) movie I've seen about the aftermath of a suicide. 

I can hardly believe he's dead and I, we, won't see any new incarnations. 

Article by Russell Brand on PSH's death, addiction, and "extremely stupid drug laws":


Zhoen said...

A talented and compelling actor. I'm rather fond of him from The Big Lebowski. Very sad.

poodletail said...

Another addict who relapsed after a long (23 years!) sobriety, starting again with prescription medication. All he wanted was to take that one pill. What a loss.

Fresca said...

Yes, in the "Big Lebowski" too.
A terrible, sad loss--I keep thinking about him.

Bookworm said...

Really sad about this news. One of the best actors ever.