Wednesday, January 15, 2014

In Which Fresca Learns There Is a Relationship Between Fashion and Human Anatomy

I am blushing in paisley.
Thank you, Crow, for suggesting that the purse that sooooo baffled me is meant to be worn over the shoulder.

How 'bout that? If fits!

I still don't think it'll be very useful for carrying oranges. So I think I'll give it away--maybe to my sister. Unless any of my regular readers want it? If you do, I'll sent it to you as a present.

I took this opportunity to model the shirt with French cuffs I also hauled out of the recycle barrel. Now I can wear my father's old pair of cufflinks (in left photo).


Anonymous said...

POODLETAIL SAYS: Yes, exactly. Strap over the shoulder, bag tucked up into armpit. Nice purse!

Try it, though!
Not impractical as you will see how comfy it is squashed under your arm, you'll still have 2 hands free.
Do it! Put a few things in it and pose in the mirror. You look stunning with your new Kate Spade slouchy bag!

Krista said...


Zhoen said...

A small wallet, gloves, scarf, keys… probably not an orange, though.

The Crow said...

I'm too large for the purse, plus I can't carry anything on my shoulders right now. But, I thank you for asking.

Maybe not an orange, but I bet a couple of those Cutie clementines would fit nicely in each corner.

Fresca said...

Thanks, all, for coming to my fashion rescue!
A friend serendipitously asked me to the symphony on Friday (tomorrow), so I will try out this bag then!
(No oranges allowed in symphony hall anyway, but I could maybe smuggle in a clementine cutie...)

poodletail said...

Definitely not for an orange. More for a pair of sunglasses, a lipstick, keys, and your billfold.